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What We Do

We're a data consultancy,
helping your team maximize what matters with streamlined reports, custom dashboards & good recommendations.

Ready-made Templates

Supercharge your projects with professional templates that organize & activate your venture.

Custom-made Reports

Co-create unique reports that save, discover, and maximize what matters to you

Custom-made Reports

Streamlined reports

Powered by your experience and our expertise, we co-create focused reports to track your unique progress-pivotal metrics.

Custom dashboards

Manage complexity with confidence, with concentrated dashboards that spot trends, discover insights, and sound alarms across all your ventures.

Good recommendations

Stay current, save time & money, reduce risks, and maximize ROI with well-informed recommendations and alerts.
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How We’ll Work Together

Turning your ideas into custom-made reports

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Kick-off with a Call

Our kick-off call runs through your business, bottlenecks, and data. Once we know where you’re at, we can get you where you want to be.

Follow a Plan Made Just for You

Every project is different, and we know it. We guide you through the mindsets, methods, and models to progress from draft to master.
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Dashboard mockup

Walkthrough Your Customized Report

Delivery isn’t a hand-off, it is a learning experience where we empower you to own, update, and improve your report.
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What if I don’t know what I need?
No problem. Through our kick-off calls, we’ll learn your pain points and propose options to address your needs.
What software do you design with?
We build best in Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel.
Will you teach us to use our new tools?
Yes, we’ll run a virtual demo that teaches you the ins and outs of your tools, demonstrate features, and challenges you to own it.
What industries do you cover?
We have lived experience in software development, outsourcing, F&B, retail, finance, project, proposal & event management, education, and business development.

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Get in touch & explore what we can do for you.